A fairytale-tinted poetry that features a cruel irony: this is the aesthetic vision of Guglielmo Castelli, the young Turin-born artist that already shows a distinctive trait. A trait characterized by the love for monochrome backgrounds, atmospheres suspended in time, two-dimensional characters painted in delicate hues and animated by mysterious  forces, creating an unstable balance.
Guglielmo Castelli, born in 1987, has already taken part in various collective shows, and was a finalist of the Cairo Award. All his works are permeated with an inescapable sense of waiting, spaces of the mind in which characters move, as the  metaphors of existential  uneasiness and precariousness that shroud our lives and mark our time.
Guglielmo besides shows a remarkable ability for illustration where we find the same trait, the same  delicate colors and harmonious shapes, that oblige us to reflect, thanks to the inborn irony of these characters. A poetic vision rich in contrasts, a deepness of  thought perceivable in the lightness of the images, unusual qualities for a young artist, who boasts a brilliant path, entirely on the rise. An expressive power we are able to perceive through a silence that takes us aback, loaded with meanings.

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