Lin de Mol is a Dutch artist currently based in Sweden. She studied sculpture and film/video at the Rietveld- and Rijksacademie in Amsterdam and later attended additional studies in film- and computer technique in Dublin and the United States. Her work covers a wide range of media; from video installations to projects in public space, photography short films and drawings.Her video works and short films are distributed by the International Institute for Media Art, LIMA . (all works on view in the media library) and have been shown at international festivals in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States
The work of Lin de Mol encompasses photography, film, sculptures, drawings and installations. In her images she conceptualizes emotional experience to intertwine the personal and the universal. She lives and works in Sweden.
The works on display in this upcoming show at the Ron Lang Art Gallery, reflect the years that followed after the heart and life altering events of an emigration, the loss of a close family member and her home. White is a central and independant entity in most of these works, indicating a state of mourning and a deep sense of transience. At the same time it is a purifying element that intensifies the contrasts within the nordic landscape and clears the path for a new beginning. 
The show is named after the selfportrait "Pioneer". This title calls forth a strong and heroic image, yet the work itself shows a vulnerable woman, hurdled in blankets and carrying a fragile stick, with a clumsy balloon attached to it. But the stick is the stem of a young birch tree, in the northern hemisphere also known as the Pioneer Tree. It is the first tree to reappear after disaster, like a fire or severe woodcutting. Using the birch as a pole, the woman carries her balloon like a luminous orb. She may be vulnerable and cold, but like a pioneer she will put her stick in the unknown soil and build her own universe there.

For most of her photography she works alone in the landscape. A small tripod, a camera and a self timer with only 10 seconds, sets the rule that the distance between her and the camera can never be more than the length she can run to the focal point. In this game with chance and the elements, the relationship between (wo)man and nature is evident. A serious game though, that is not just about meeting nature, but also about confronting it. The waiting for the moment, observing light and enduring weather conditions, sharpen her relationship with the environment. "I want to show how untamable it is and how its silent presence seeps through everything". This desire places the work in a romantic tradition: It is permeated by an undefined longing, and a searching for an original source.

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