Ulrike Rehm (1976, Halle, DDR) studied art in Michelstadt and Berlin and finished her studies at Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. with Beate Reinheimer she founded design office RaR in 2010. In 2012 she was one of ten finalists in "De nieuwe Rembrandt", an artist contest for Dutch television. Curiosity and an incentive for experiments direct Ulrike's artistic development. She uses all kinds of materials, some of them are even produced by herself: paper, ceramics, porcelain, copper, solid soap as sculpting material. Ulrike's work is based on traditional folkloric narration in which archetypes relate to one another and to the world in general, to contemporary art and to actual social reality. The image however is never banal or without humor: in one of her soap sculptures Gepetto's chisel got stuck in Pinocchio's throat, emerging out of the back of his head; a thin copper beaver carries a big horn to amplify the work's title: "Love" and a bundle of helium filled balloons pulls a paper hare back on his hind legs.  A typical aspect of the work is a mild look at life, trying to reconcile us with all the shortcomings of our existence.

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