„Only the heart knows how to find what is precious” -Fyodor Dostoevsky

Born in Moscow, Julia Winter spent the first 12 years of her life just north of the Arctic Circle . On her return to Moscow Julia was accepted at the College of Applied Art, after which she continued her education at the Moscow Academy of Art. As one of the students, she was invited during her education to take part in the Exchange Program to Amsterdam. In 2000 she graduated at the Academy of Art- Direction in Amsterdam .

1993 Art Academy Moscow, Russia
2000 Academy for ART - DIRECTION Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I construct images. My work unites what I seek, what I find and what I know and feel. The feelings and thoughts of a person often lie beyond what we like to see. Beauty and vulnerability are shown together and attacked. Apparently no beauty exists without injuries. The purpose of my work is to irritate people, because it is an identification of them selves. The soul, our soul is violated. I find the way to adjure the pain. Beauty, no matter how violated, will find its comfort. Photos combined with common objects of today, create an atmosphere of timelessness. My work deals with the corrosion of human life in the process of the time flux. Another theme is the merger of Past and Present in portraits. Pictures of faces are old as humanity and appear in all cultures. These works are three dimensional and consist of two photos. One photo on glass of a modern person is reflected on another photo of a portrait from the past. Thus I create the effect of transformation of a face. The work seems to be covered with an historical patina. I also make sculptures and installations for which I use morphine ampoules. This is shown in my work the “Relaxing Chair.”  

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