• 2007-2009 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Master program of Painting studies;
• 2003-2007 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Bachelor program of Painting studies;
• 1991-2003 Klaipeda Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts;
•Saatchi Showdown Competition painted faces, Top 10 + Finalists exhibition at Griffin Gallery, London on December 5 - 20, 2013;
•International contest ‘Young painters prize 2013’ - Public prize + Finalists exhibition at Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania;
•Finalist of the international competition “100 painters of tomorrow”. The book of 100 most promising living painters will be released in October 2014 by “Thames and Hudson”.
Solo exhibitions
•2013 may. ‘Rapid eye movements’ - solo exhibition, The Rooster gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania; •2009 may. ‘Distance’ - the personal exhibition at ‘The Rooster Gallery’ (Galerija Gaidys), Vilnius, Lithuania;
•2014 june. International art fair ARTVILNIUS '14, The Rooster gallery, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania;
•2014 april. ‘Another shot’ exhibition of young Lithuanian painters, Representative office of the European Union in Moscow, Russia;
•2014 january. Exhibition of the Saatchi Showdown Competition – “Painted Faces” finalists, Griffin gallery, London, England;
•2013 November. ‘Young painters prize 2013’ finalists exhibition at Vilnius Contemporary Art Center, Lithuania;
•2013 september. International contemporary art fair ART MOSCOW’13, The Rooster gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia;
•2013 august. ‘Stories of holiday resort: transparency’ - exhibition of young artists at Nida art colony, Lithuania;
•2013 june. International art fair ARTVILNIUS '13, The Rooster gallery, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania;
•2013 june. XV Vilnius Painting Triennial - Contexts of painting, Contemporary art center, Vilnius, Lithuania;
•2012 july. International art fair ARTVILNIUS’12, Vilnius, Lithuania;
•2012 june. Exhibition of Lithuanian painters in Dinard, France, at Galerie Mirko Maria Calderone;
•2011 january. ‘Zugzwang’ - exhibition of the youngest generation of Baltic artists, Tallinn, Estonia;
•2010 october. ‘Zugzwang’ - exhibition of the youngest generation of Baltic artists at ‘CommuneArt’, Vilnius, Lithuania;
•2009 october. ‘Young Painters Prize’, - exhibition of the international competition for young painters, held at ‘Pamenkalnio’ gallery by national Lithuanian artists union, Vilnius, Lithuania;
•2007 november. ‘Estranged paintings’ - exhibition of the youngest generation of Lithuanian and Polish artists at ‘Telsiai exhibitions hall’, Telsiai, Lithuania;
•2007 july. ‘Faces of Vilnius’ - the festival of noncommercial art at ‘Church of Saint Spirit’, Vilnius, Lithuania;
•2007 june. ‘*In+visible’ - exhibition of the best students of Vilnius Art Academy at ‘Arts Printing House’, Vilnius, Lithuania;

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